Want to feel healthier for zil/nil/nada/no cost?

Physical activity, socialising, and having a routine are all key components to strong mental health, but what if you're keen to get out and about more, meet new people, try a new activity, and get fit, but can't spend much money?

Outdoor Aerobics

There are a number of free or low cost activities in Brisbane that are unfortunately poorly advertised - so here is me doing my bit to get the information out there!

First up is the Blackmore's Yoga sessions - free of charge. Just need to follow the link, choose your date/venue and register:


There are a large number of activities through the Brisbane City Council's Active Parks program as well - from aqua aerobics through to zumba, and plenty in-between - all low cost or FREE!


Medibank now sponsor the Feel Good program at Southbank, running for a short-time longer this year - all classes are absolutely FREE!


If you have child/ren, there are also some great programs at South Bank as part of the Little Days Out program:


Good luck, and I hope you find some events that get you out and about and living the life you want to live!

I will post up more as I come across them :)

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