Goal Clarity/Navigating Office Dynamics/Balance Work , Health, Family, and Social Life/Re-entering the Workforce after Injury or Illness/Resume & Interview Skills


With extensive experience in both the Employment Services industry as well as in the Workers Compensation system, Lauren at Empowering Psychological Solutions is able to combine psychological techniques with knowledge of these industries to give you the support required to re-enter the workforce, or to move into a preferred position.


Please note; these services are NOT covered by Medicare, and it will depend on your individual Private Health Fund whether they provide a rebate for vocational/career guidance with a Psychologist.

Female Psychologist Yeronga, Brisbane

Career Coaching

Mid Career Consultations

Conflict Resolution

Work Stress Management

Career Transitions

Whether you are in the job you love, or want to move into this job, work conflicts and stress can always arise. Lauren can help you manage these situations using evidence-based psychological techniques, as well as support you to improve or maintain your work/family/social/health balance. In addition, utilising her experience assisting injured workers back into the workforce, Lauren can help you manage the challenges that can arise when you are attempting to return to work (either original job or an entirely new role) after experiencing significant illness or injury, and assist you in finding a new balance that takes into account any ongoing restrictions that may affect you.


If you are unsure if Empowering Psychological Solutions can help you in these areas, feel free to send a quick message on our Contact form to have a confidential conversation about how Empowering Psychological Solutions can help you in the area of Career Consulting.